Lose Weight & Feel Great!

March 13, 2007 9:58am CST
A lot of people who have problems regarding with their weight tend to feel that they can't do anything about, they feel distress and frustrated. At some point, others do not want to mingle with people anymore bec of how they look. Do you agree?
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• Canada
13 Mar 07
Yes, icemaldita, I do agree with you. When we are not feeling good about ourselves on the inside, we may not want others to look at us from the outside. I was put on a medication that has the side effect of making my ankles swell. My legs have always been one of my better features, no matter what my weight ever was, and I found myself not wanting to go outside unless I was in long pants because I was embarrassed about the swelling. I think, a good part of the time, people don't even notice others, in the hustle and bustle of their day... but when we don't feel good about something, such as weight, we feel that everyone is staring and noticing every detail.