Tattoo How do they do that?

March 13, 2007 10:55am CST
Well I have always been curious and on Discovery Health there was a programme on Tattoo artists and when I say artists I mean artists because the work that they do, and the colour that they ad is amazing. I cannot and could not have a tattoo because I dislike needles, but any one who has a complete body art gets my full admiration. So how do they do it? Explains it in full and its quite well written. I used to think they used a pen and drew across the skin. I had no idea the needle and the ink jet work together, stabbing the skin like a sewing machine just below the dermis to create a spectacular, permanent work of art.
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@crosa125 (1484)
13 Mar 07
well they just go get it, some of them like me regrat to have it but there is not a way to delete it,if you want to have it it won't hurt that much,but if anyone going to have it better not having any writting
15 Mar 07
you can delete it, derma abrasion done by a plastic surgeon, they run a very thin knife across the skin and if its very deep, they will do a skin graft. However with the development of the laser derma abrasion is now done by the laser and treatment is less likely to scar. they give you a local anaesthetic and get to work on the tattoo.