SEZ.Real estate business by governments

@cuteboy (170)
March 13, 2007 10:57am CST
It is great that India is trying to form SEZ and give incentives to software companies.We should do that afteral they are helping India to gain global exposure,foreign reserves and pushing India to global arena as a leader.There is nothing wrong in giving land,tax incentives to SEZ companies. I worked in US for several years in a SW company,which had revenue as much as India's foreign reserve at one time.There were about 3000 engineers and others in a campus that is probably about 20 acres of ares with about 8 or so large towering building. US is 3 times the size of India with 1/3rd population. I don't understand why Govt.of India( and of states) have to give hundreds and thousands of acres of land for companies to create hundreds of jobs only ?.hile most of working class have to travel 60km to reach home from job,these SW companies are building lawns and tennis courts on free land...
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