Is there an ettiquette I should adhere to???

March 13, 2007 11:26am CST
I have been offered a very good job and they are sending out the contracts for me to sign but I have an interview planned for tomorrow for a job which I am not too interested in but would still like to find out about. Kid of keeping my options open. DO you think it would be rude of me to go to this other interview when I have already told the poeple sending out the contracts I am dedicated. I just wan to do my nosy and check that the job isn't more appealling than the one I have been offered. What wo uld yo do in my situation???
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@beaniegdi (1966)
13 Mar 07
I can't see why not although if I had been offered a job and was certain I had it I don't think I would bother but it sounds like you want to find out more about this job so why not, even if you turn it down it could be useful in the future to have checked this out. Congratulations on the job, I hope you enjoy it.
13 Mar 07
Thank you very much!
@rosie_123 (6118)
13 Mar 07
Well - first congratulations on being offered such a very good job. And secondly - my advice to you is please go to the other interview. People go to interviews all the time and then turn down the job when offered. It may not be 100% fair to the company involved, but the employment sector is a "dog eat dog" world, and I'm sure companies dont think about the 5 or 6 people they interview, and then turn down when it comes to things like this. You must just look after "number 1". It's just the way of the world, and you must think of yourself first. Interview practice is good, and can offer you great confidence, and experience for the future. And also, it may sound harsh, but until you have actually received, read, and signed the contracts for your other job offer - anything could happen. It would be bad for you to turn down tomorrow's interview, and then find something goes wrong with the first one, and you are left with nothing. And if you should be offered tomorrows too, maybe you could use that offer as a ibt of leverage to get a higher pay offer from the first one? So my advice is go - you have nothing to lose, and very much to gain.
13 Mar 07
yeah I know what you mean. They need to run a credit search on me so maybe I should get the other one as back up too just on case. Unfortunately they are two completely differnet jobs so I doubt I would get them battling over me in terms of pay!
@yanjiaren (9050)
13 Mar 07
I think it would be best not to waste your energy in a venture you will not take part in. I have learnt this with age believe me. The older I get, the more precious life seems to get and I don't feel I have enough time just to waste it. If you have already pledged yourself to the first job don't bother with going to this interview.
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13 Mar 07
Very true!! Thank you for your repsonse!
@freesoul (3023)
• Egypt
15 Mar 07
Congratulations for the new job:) I hate to be skeptic but if it was me i wouldn't consider it final until contracts are signed and everything is legally correct and I'm there at the office.. I mean you are still free to explore all other options not just out of curiosity but because there's a 1% chance that you may need it.. Good luck with whatever you will choose or take :)
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@jennybianca (12913)
• Australia
14 Mar 07
No, just keep to yourself. Go this interview, you have every right to. In todays market you can't be too csreful with the kind of job you accept. Obviously this contract is arriving soon, but as the other interview is tomorrow, I don't think there will be a clash. Good Luck.
@urbandekay (18308)
13 Mar 07
Were I you I would go. all the best urban