what do u think mom n dad should do to their children grip them tightly or set

March 13, 2007 12:40pm CST
this question is very frequent in our lives many ppl wen see an abusive or dirty person say:his/her mom and dad didnt teach anything.But i think thats probably not the case if parents grip too much on children then children do things theyre gripped for ,yeah its true that if parents wont grip children then they would do wrong things ......but hey sometimes/most of the times u realise ur parents trust on u and drift back to the right path....many ppl who r gripped tightly by their parents do not stop doing bad things ... same has happnd to me i was let freee and i came back to my direction,but a frnd of mine was gripped i mean is and the grip has a negative effect on him he koops doin things in school which hes gripped for at home do u agree to my statement or do u dis agree answer wid reasonz plz....
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@flowerchilde (12534)
• United States
13 Mar 07
I agree.. I always felt we should save our "no's" for the impportant things, cause if you say no all the time, when they get older they will turn it into yes all the time, as they haven't learned healthy discernment. I think the best way our children learn is by our example. And also think it's important to raise kids so that they will be strong and decisive individuals and not helpless wimps which to my mind is what some parents seem to aim for.. I always warned my kids about dangers so when they got older and were out in the world with friends they would remember these guidelines.. Yes, I think most young adults get a little wild for a short period, but will come back, as you've said. :))