The cost of smoking

March 13, 2007 12:57pm CST
using tobacco eats up a lot of money.A pack of cigarettes cost $4,in average.that means,even if you buy just 1 pack a week,you'll spent $208 a year,Some people smoke a pack a day,which adds up to $1460!that's a lot of cd's,computer games & cloths.don't you think?
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@besthope44 (12141)
• India
22 Aug 10
Well said..Smoking is really a addiction and not easy to quit all of sudden. But good thing is there are many rehabilition center for helping to get rid of these habits. Try them and make a great change in your life.
@xgj_66 (3)
• China
19 Mar 07
I will quit smoking But when I am thinking,My hands will moving moving where? haha You know what I wanna do smoking So ,please tell me the way how I can quit smoking completely. Thank you!!
@prestocaro (1254)
• United States
14 Mar 07
people will continue to buy cigs no matter how much they cost because they are ADDICTED and ADDICTS do whatever it takes to get their fix. They don't care how high the price, or what they have to sacrifice, they need those cigs. It's sad but true. I pay $5 for a pack of smokes every weekend because I can't really enjoy a drink with out a cig in hand. Sad but true