Paid Survey Sites, asking for Membership Fee is a SCAM and UNLIGITIMATE?? ?????

March 13, 2007 2:17pm CST
Is it really a SCAM and UNLEGITIMATE EMPLOYMENT OFFER? Is it true? But on the Contratry, these company charges a one time only registration fee BECAUSE they just want a SERIOUS JOB APPLICANTS filling out the surveys.. If they allowed access to the surveys, we would have "Curiosity" applicants filling out the survey applications that were not really serious about the surveys and taking up applications intended up for serious job applicats.. In the past, some companies offered the program for free and found that many surveys were not completed and this pay could have gone to another more reliable and serious survey taker. We want to weed the "just Curious" applicants to a "RELIABLE and SERIOUS" SURVEY employees! Since a Survey taker can easily make application fee back in for only about an hour online, We dont really see its a fee, But a way to show you are serious about being an online survey taker!
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13 Mar 07
I agree and disagree. it is just as easy for a company to track the amount of surveys a person does so they can also be deactivated. I think the companies want the money hoping people will forget and then they are ahead.
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