joined mylot..but wanna earn more?????

March 13, 2007 3:04pm CST
You joined mylot 2 help n 2 earn.Earn more by just surfing, whatever u do
3 responses
• Malaysia
4 Jun 07
I have nothing to do with actually. Since the stuff is free, I will think that I should sign-up for it, or else not --- because I just need to avoid scam.
• Sri Lanka
4 Jun 07
I always anticipated the release of the viewbar to take place in June. I have already downloaded it and my accumulated hours can be seen when I log into my account. I made use of every response to keep the Agloco spirit alive and to cheer up those who have given up hope. Anyway with my 1350 referrals which keep increasing, I am in for a very good time.
• Canada
13 Mar 07
Most people think agloco is a scam, and so do i, when will the bar come out? it's been probably months since it hasn't come out, says the people. i won't join that site until i see someone getting paid for what they did.