What Is Your Idea Of Who The Internet Belongs To

United States
March 13, 2007 8:08pm CST
There are 1000s of differet concepts and priciples about the Internet, and the values of being on line. In the diverse environment of Internet communities and marketing concepts, who do you think all of this belongs to. If you get on line and not comply by the various stipulations and variations you will not be allowed to do other than what is regulated. I have watched and tried to identify with all of the methods and techniques the laws are there and if they are broken you are punished to a certain extent, but if you know a lot of tricks and unethical methods you can get around all of the stipulations and concepts, so who does the Internet belong to? My answer is the people that can get around the laws and regulations, because they can get around the biggest security programs, and they manipilate so much the main focus these days, are the preventive measures taken to try to keep them from doing their thing.
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@dickkell (403)
• United States
14 Mar 07
I think the internet belongs first to the people or corporations that own the servers, and they ought to be able to set some basic rules, but the internet really belongs to the people, all of us, who connect. It is my connection to the internet, and yours, and yours, that makes the web work. Each of us owns a peice of the net simply by logging on. Not to mention the money that the internet generates because we surf around it so freely! The internet is the ultimate democracy - truly power to the people!
@Sengrath (210)
• Romania
14 Mar 07
I cannot say more than you ...I totaly agree with you.Soem rules from maine server owners, but the internet is the people...