Good News= Treat= money! So what is your good news today!

Children without food - Please help them!
@mdchennai (2129)
March 13, 2007 10:54pm CST
Well guys now a days it has become a trend to spend money on treat. As soon as our friends or colleagues tell a good news, then immediately treat is being raised. We spend lot of money on treat and it has become like compulsary that if you say good news then you have to give treat. Dont you think that we are wasting our money like water in the name of treat. I agree that it is just a get together and you are enjoying and sharing your happiness with others by giving treat, but dont you think that the money spent for treat can be used in a useful way. I am not against treat but what i think is that half of the money spent on treat can be given to an orphan age, home for old age or any other places where people can use that money and survive for a month which we spend in an hour. Just think guys atleast in this way we can help the needy.This discussion is just for a social cause. Whats your say?????????
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