Posting the SAME RESPONSE 5 TIMES and getting a BEST RESPONSE for it 5 times too

March 14, 2007 12:47am CST
A LOT HERE IN MYLOT IS NOT QUITE FAIR Somebody posted a long response to my one of my post. At first, I first thought, that it might be a human bot that automatically answers post by keywords. Not that the answer was no good. It was just a bit off even if the reply is health related too just like my discussion. But it did not, in any way, answer my discussion. This is why, I decided to check her profile and click on her "best response link". On it, I discovered that she had the same response posted a number of times and earned a best response for it all the time. Since she has over 1,000 post, it is safe to assume that this is a "copy and paste post". Now, my question is: Is it okay to post the same response over and over again? And if so, do you get credit for it especially if somebody rated it as a best response? I think a lot of people, who gave her a "best response" rating is not aware that it is an overused reply.
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@mvsrao (4366)
• India
14 Mar 07
according to Mylot guidelines : posting the same response repeatedly is considered as a spam even if it is relevant and helpful to the discussions . unfortunately , we have to use copy and paste sometimes to post more responses within a limited possible time ... here is the actual guideline (rule) : "Dont Post the same response to different discussions even if the discussions are related or similar. This type of activity will more than likely harm your reputation rating." pls look at :
• Philippines
14 Mar 07
Going by the number of her posts, one would assumed that she has read the guidelines. It was rather unfair for those who's only able to post a small number of discussions and response because they are using their own words and the "copy and paste option" is only used for extra information and reference. By the way, it not FIVE but 13(THIRTEEN) best response rated same posting. And worse, if you will check her profile, you find out that out of her 30+ best response, she only made around 5 different response. Definitely not fair.