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March 14, 2007 1:07am CST
If my posts have hurt anyone's feelings. That doesn't mean I'm going to change how I believe. My goal is never to hurt anyone's feelings but I will stand up for my beliefs and I won't apologize for them. I do find it very sad that some people have chosen to attack me and others for believing the way we do. None of my posts were meant as an attack against any individual. They were meant to express how I believe and to inform people of things that are happening. I don't mind that others disagree with me. I accepted that truth a long time ago. What I have a problem with is the intent by a group of people to use any lengths to silence my perspective and it won't silence me. And, I have a problem with some people's personal attacks on here and putting words in my mouth in order to make me out as the bad guy. I simply state my beliefs based on the Bible, which I know to be the Word of God. You may disagree with that but that's not my problem. I do think that even if you disagree with someone on here, it's pretty low to give a negative rating because you disagree with their perspective. The rating system is supposed to be based upon the quality of writing and the depth of the response as I understand it. At least that's how ratings have always worked elsewhere. Why can't we just agree to disagree without getting ugly? I stated how I believe in response to many statements on here and elsewhere. Everyone has the right to agree or disagree with what I believe but if you rate my post, please rate it according to how well it is written and expressed not on our difference of perspective.
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14 Mar 07
mylot is getting more personal, and one can't help feeling frustrated and angry when s/he read negative things about how s/he feels. S/he is playing with mylotters' sympathy and getting none or at least one accusation lead to personal attack and retaliation by giving negative ratings. It happened to me, I was venting and all I got was a preacher. I got so mad at how things turn ugly, but I didn't give him/her negative rating nor chose his to be the best response. I cooled down, and had to admit that not all people are willing to empathize with me. They see things objectively. But then I don't believe him. I read that nice people are always unpopular. You may be nice and all that, but people always expect kind words. I suggest you continue what you're doing as long as you believe you're on the right track. (smile)
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14 Mar 07
Thank you so much for such a kind response. I must be doing something right because I've only been here for about 9 days and I've already got two pages of friends. I realize that I have very strong beliefs that are often unpopular but I have to do what is right according to my conscience regardless of what others think. Thanks for the encouragement!
@lenywp (1964)
• Australia
14 Mar 07
Clover - Four leafed clover for you.
Every member on mylot has the right to their own opinion, and others have the right to disagree. It is however, wrong to rate a person because of their beliefs and because of their opinion. That is just plain wrong. People who do that are silly, and sometimes plain stupid.
@jencai (3415)
• Philippines
14 Mar 07
yes. i do agree with your statement, everyone should rate members accordingly not only for their own opinion, unless responses are very malicious and below the belt.