can you laugh on your own jokes?

March 14, 2007 2:44am CST
can you laugh on your own jokes? i yes thats really cool..ha ha :)
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@forjosie (1544)
• Indonesia
15 Mar 07
A teacher told her class that they were going to study e-bonics. She would give them four words to make into sentences. They were RED, NACHOS,FASCINATE AND MOTEL. Little Mary raised her hand and told the teacher that she could. She said "I have a RED dress." The teacher said she meant to make sentences using all the words. Little Mary said, "I have a RED dress, its mine NACHOS, it has nine buttons down the back but I only FASCINATE and every time I bend over, my sister says she can see MOTEL.....
• India
15 Mar 07
:) .... nice one!
• United States
14 Mar 07
Of course i can laugh at my own jokes! If i can't, then i don't see the point in re-telling them. You should always find a joke funny if you are going to tel it.
• India
14 Mar 07 man.