Extra-stong sleeping pills

@alen0224 (527)
March 14, 2007 10:13am CST
Jim was having troubles getting to sleep at night. He went to see his doctor, who prescribed some extra-strong sleeping pills. Sunday night, Jim took the pills, slept well and was awake before he heared the alarm. He took his time getting the office, strolled in and said to his boss:"I didn't have a bit of trouble getting up this morning." "That's fine," roared the boss,"but where were you Monday and Tuesday?"
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@unisis (1674)
• Indonesia
15 Mar 07
I think that cause of the extra stong pills make him sleep for three nights and two days this is from the dialog with his boss that he was absent on Monday and Tuesday,i do not think that is good for his health
@forjosie (1544)
• Indonesia
15 Mar 07
A threesome starting a golf game met a lone golfer, Joe, on the first tee and asked him to join them. He accepted, proved to be a good golfer and played a great game. The 3 friends asked him to join them the next day and Joe agreed but warned them he might be late. The next day he arrived on time and they had a wonderful round. One man told him, "we're going to play again tomorrow, would you like to join us?" Again Joe agreed, but warned them he might be late. They told him it would be okay and they would wait for him. When he arrived right on time, they were puzzled but said nothing. Once again they had a fine time and again asked him to play the next day. Agreeing, Joe warned them he might be late. The next day, he was late and when he arrived one of the players, curious, asked him, "The last two days you warned us you might be late but were right on time. This time you were late - what's going on? "Well, said Joe, "when I woke up the first day, my wife was sleeping on her right side. The next day, when I woke, she was sleeping on her left side. This morning, she was sleeping on her back and that's why I'm late..."
@blackdove (390)
• United States
14 Mar 07
lol, that's cute.