How many have only read the book?? or only watched the film??

@fliffy555 (1045)
March 14, 2007 12:26pm CST
How many people have only read the harry potter books?? How many people have only watched the harry potter films?? Personally i have read all the books and waiting for the final chapter to come out but i have watched all the movies that are available too... Im too waiting for the next one to come out... if you have only done one or the other why?? if you have read a couple of the books and no more why?? i think everyone should read the books and watch the films as the films miss out some bits in the books that really help your imagination flow
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14 Mar 07
I'm like you. I've read all the books and seen all the movies. I've actually read all the books except HBP at least 4-5 times each. HBP...I've only read it once so far. I got waaaayyyy too emotional at the end. I just can't bring myself to read it again yet. I will before Deathly Hallows comes out, though. I have to reread starting about a month or two before the new ones come out, just to "refresh" and get myself into the HP mode. My husband has only watched the movies, though. He's not a very good reader; he tends to get words or letters twisted around. Reading's hard for him, and the books are so big that they're a little intimidating.
@fliffy555 (1045)
14 Mar 07
Your husband and my partner have something in common.. i did get him to read the first one but he is not an accomplished reader and it took him around 2 months to read it... and i know what you mean about the HBP i was very emotional at the end to... god knows what i will be like at the end of the film!
• United States
20 Mar 07
I did get hubby the first book on CD from the library. He listened to a few of the CDs but he had a hard time really paying attention, since he's a visual person. He does love the movies, though. But he complains when we go see them because my friend and I disect them and go through what's wrong with them and how they differ from the books. He doesn't see anything wrong with the movies, and sometimes we have a hard time finding good things about them! lol
18 Sep 12
i read the the book before i watched the film and i must admit even though i dnt like reading the books are more descriptive and go into detail a lot more than the films
@beyonce03 (2331)
• Canada
22 Mar 07
I didnt red any of the book but I saw all of the movie and even own all the dvd. Maybe one day I will read all the book. I love to read and I don't know why I didnt red Harry POtter.
@missyd79 (3438)
• United States
15 Mar 07
i have read up to the half blooded prince and i have seen all the films. i do enjoy the books and i like watching the movies because then i can actully compare my invisions i had while reading to the big screen.