does your life run on windows or linux ?

March 14, 2007 1:36pm CST
And now for something completely diffrent: Well this is just a metaphore but it would be interesting to know if you consider your life "running" on windows or linux. i dont just mean a mainstream lifestyle/alternative lifestyle conflict but the pros and con of each one. how would you describe a "windows life" and a "linux life" ?
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@Eiloin (327)
15 Mar 07
Waw, what a question. Well, I believe my life runs mostly "on Linux". Not that I have any alternative lifestyle, all the contrary, I am the most ordinary person that you could meet. But I have a lot of unconventional attitudes, I have a strictly short circle of close friends, I am not attracted by the mainstream, the commercial, the easy, the convenient, I am rather unstable (on beta :P ), but I try to improve, I am "opensource", with no secret or dark points but sometimes hard to understand, I am not always easygoing, and, like Linux operating system, lot of people (in work, or elsewhere) know me but do not really want to approach me - and I do not want either :)
• Greece
15 Mar 07
being in beta is a way of saying it yes.Like experimental but not extreme or necesserely "alternative"
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@willfe (149)
• United States
21 Mar 07
A very interesting metaphor; my life's got to be running on Linux -- no downtime except for hardware screwups (i.e. I get sick:)) and I generally handle far more tasks/processes in my life than a person should normally have to deal with. In general I tend to be a very open and honest person, too (I probably blog far too much about personal stuff, for instance:)), so I match the general philosophy of the open source movement, too.