March 14, 2007 2:00pm CST
Do you have any problems aboutlove, family, friends, work time management, self esteem, beauty secrets,etc???..."except for money matters" Me and 3 good friends of mine, maybe can help you out. According to my professor in Psychology who is one of the most famous radio commentator in the country told me that, one of the best way to release emotions, bad feeling, inner conflict, and tensions is by TALKING IT OUT!!! But sometimes you have doubts or shy to tell it to someone close to you!!Do you want to have a neutral comment. Then talk to someone you dont know, like US!!!Anyway, we dont know you either!!hehehe!!!You can project yourself to another person if you want. So guys!!!Post the topic you to be discussed and you want to get some advice..and to me fellow myLot members you can also participate and give your own points of view in this thread!!!I hope, this thread will be informative and beneficial to every one!!!ENJOY!!! ***NOTA BENE*** Guys, you dont need to reveal your identity you can project yourself to another person if you want.. And you dont need to consider all comment and take it seriously...OK!!!!!
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@kurtbiewald (2627)
• United States
14 Mar 07
sounds interesting I would want WAY more info first
• Philippines
14 Mar 07
No problem!!! You can share to us a brief backround,short story or situation about your issues or problems..then, once you posted it ofcourse we will be able to give you a neutral comment and also, if other myLot member will have the oppotunity to read your topic, then they might also give a response to you...and this could be a start of a very informative thread..right!!!different opinions, suggestions,etc is here...Sometime it's a good thing to get advice to someone you dont know because they can see the big picture of you or the situation..NO BIAS... :)