why are studies so depressing?

March 14, 2007 7:47pm CST
why are studies so depressing? Is it because we are asked to learn something that is too complicated or something which is not at all relevant to our lives?
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• Philippines
15 Mar 07
I can see what you mean. There are businessmen out there who never had education but are millionaires. An inventor was a "kicked-out" in school but he's considered one of the most intelligent. But, studies are basic concepts of why the world is functioning to new possibilities. Math and sciences have a lot of shares here. It's best that you look at it as an opprtunity to learn new discoveries.
• India
15 Mar 07
You are absolutely right about less educated people becoming millionaires. I feel children don't understand maths or science, only when they are considerably older, they understand it and find it interesting too.
@bicklelady (1411)
• United States
19 Mar 07
I love studies. If I am learning something new, It is great. You just have to have a great teacher and be ready to learn.
@raheel07 (485)
• Pakistan
16 Mar 07
If you have interest in the topic or you are encouraged you dont find it depressing. As far as highly irrelevant topics are concerned it would be depressing but if you have interest then chemistry would also be fun =p but as I dont have interest in it I found it extremely boring in my high school days.
• India
15 Mar 07
even i had the same feeling wen i was in school..I always used to think why r we thought about history wen its already over...wat wud be the use of knowin the past..Then i also had so many despressing thought about chemistry and physics..Bt now its been like 10yrs i have crossed tht life n i feel why i didnt tried to study history..Coz sometime down the line my profession ask me to go back to history n then wants me to use the physics,chemistry which i had in schools..Now i really feel the school teachers need to make things more interesting by giving practical classes then theory..I knw its nt easy bt remember if u dnt do it now then may after 10yrs u wud have to do it unwantedly or wantedly.....:)