How do you start competing in the showring?

March 14, 2007 10:19pm CST
Does anybody here ride to compete? I want to purchase a horse, but I also want to compete, to "show jump" (can't quite remember the term). Did you start small and work your way up to the professional level? How did you find your horses, your trainers? Do you start with a "proven" horse, paying more for it or do you start from scratch and train the horse? How do you find competitions, and how do you get into them?
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@Iccara (131)
• Australia
15 Mar 07
If you are under 25 then Pony Club is a good way to start. Pony Club is not just for the younger ones as if u are over 17 you can become an associate. That way you get to improve your riding ability and they tell you about up coming events. I am 23 and competing in a One Day event (dressage, show jumping and cross country) on Sunday for my Pony Club. I am doing D-grade as I am on a new horse (which is about 60cms). The best thing to do is start small and work your way up. A good thing to do is go and get lessons from an instructor or join a riding school. That way once you are there one of the teachers may be able to help find a horse for you. As for the horse, I personally think that you should spend a little mire money and get a horse that you know can jump. You dont need to go out and buy a A grade jumper, but get one that has done Pony Club or at least a bit of jumping. Another way to find out about horse shows, go to your local horse shop (wether it be a stock feeder or a shop for horses.. i dont know what u have there but we have Horseland, Saddleworld, Europa etc) and ask if they could tell you about up-coming shows. My local horseland sends out a list by email so we can see what shows are available. I hope that helps a little and good luck with it
• Canada
15 Mar 07
For the Pony Club do you need you own horse? I'm 22 right now, but I want to wait before investing in a horse. And, how does the grading work? Is it different for the US vs Canada? I'm from Ontario if that makes any difference. Thanks for all the help!