losing a couple of men to save one life

March 15, 2007 12:54am CST
i was just totally amazed with the movie saving private Ryan...the story evolved and revolved only in saving just one life just because of the request of an old woman who happenend to be the mother of a 3 army privates, and two of these brothers confirmed dead, but the body of the other ryan was not yet found ..as a result of this, the chief of army had commanded a mission to find private ryan...and the leader tom hanks had stick into the mission even it cost the lives of his men, he did not take-off cover for ryan after they found him even to the extent of giving -off his life just to finish the mission and that is to take home private ryan in one piece, alive and sound....the story is very much related to our contemporary situation...but its the other way around...one people especially in the family is sacrificing for the sake of all the siblings, in a relationship, one man or woman is letting go for the happiness of two lovers,but the best example is, when one sinless man, atoned the sin of the world and died.........so would you think the story of privaer ryan is just for the sake of catering our interest in wars?
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