Mom, get the pay raise you deserve!

March 15, 2007 2:39am CST
Are you a working mom? How can youa dvance your career and retain a happy home life?
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@Newbie11 (197)
• United States
16 Mar 07
I donot know if it is fully possible or not but it is somewhat possible.Spend worktime in office fully concentrated in work.After returning from work rest all your time for your home.If you can keep three hours of time for home I think there will no problem in home.Keep the weakends free without any appointments.Spend your weakends with your family.In the office days during office time be devotional with your work.Likewise you can balance the both.
@jay_em93 (99)
• Philippines
15 Mar 07
Most of the people i know weren't that successful when it comes to advancing their career while retaining a happy home life,i myself is a working mom, i think what is important is time management, determination on yourself and get as much help as you can from families around you
@lafavorito (2960)
• Philippines
15 Mar 07
Is this even possible? I know some successful career women whose children loves their yaya / caregivers more than their mothers. Either way, a mother will have to sacrifice something, after all a person cannot have everything. Personally speaking, my mom chose her career over taking care of our family, her views of being responsible for us is by shoving lots of money into our faces and when we got old she's always complaining because we don't spend time with her. As for me, I would love to stay at home and take care of my son, but there are times when a mother have to work in order to save for the future. Though I'm not expecting to be an executive in a company because I don't want to sacrifice the time I have for my family.