What is the meaning of the Friend???

Friendship - What is a Friend??
March 15, 2007 2:39am CST
No other relation in this world is best or first other than Friendship, becoz a friend knows better than anyone, sometime even our family members doesnot know us, but a true friend knows it. Do you know the meaning of the world friend it is: F= means Free from all formalities, R= means right to say anything I= means in anyway E= means either good or bad N= means no sorry no thanx D= means datna pitna allowed so dear friends make a friend, and not only making friend but to keep the friendship for long your life time.
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• Philippines
18 Mar 07
friends are always the you can count on whenever you are in trouble, always understand you for any decision you make, accept you for what or who you are.
15 Mar 07
That is lovely. You can choose your friends but not your family. I think this is key here; you choose your friends based on shared interests and things in common. If it isn't there you have the choice to walk away. A true friend stays with you for life no matter were you go. That person is with you always in your heart.