Earning Money With Discredit Other Religion!!!

March 15, 2007 2:46am CST
I read some post in Mylot that discredit other religion. If they just giving an argument without wrote anything false. Its Okay! But it will be very s*** if they wrote something false and discredit other religion! they earning money with it. I believe that the money will never ever give them any benefit
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• Thailand
15 Mar 07
I have read some posts discrediting some religions but the ones I have read have been supported with facts. What posts are you talking about? I think you are just taking offence because something someone said hit a little too close to the mark. If I am wrong tell me what posts you are talking about. If you can't than I am right.
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@jricbt (1455)
• Brazil
15 Mar 07
Can you give any example? I usually like to attack religious beliefs, but I usually back my attacks with arguments, so I would like to see these fake arguments and why they were fake. Thanks in advance.
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• Sweden
20 Mar 07
Hello You'll soon be my friend. Here I would like to ask you, what you critisise in religious belief. I am a very critical person myself, maybe some would call me an outsider. Artists usually are. I am very curious. I have found a new slogan: Do everything nowadays the reverse way and it will turn out all right. (The world is so crazy all over.) Lailamaria
@mobyfriend (1019)
• Netherlands
15 Mar 07
I'm not sure which discussion you mean but you have earned money by posting this discussion. So there is a balance. I shouldn't worry too much about discussions attacking some religion. It's nothing more than words.