Decide To Pay The Price

@jenfer (166)
United States
March 15, 2007 2:50am CST
If the dream is worth reaching, it's worth keeping at until it comes true. Every dream, every goal achievement. cost something. Pay the price, and you can reach your goal. The movie "Pumping Iron" is about contestants preparing for the world-class Mr. Olympia competition. In the movie Arnold Schwarzenegger, undefeated winner of that contest, says something like this: "In developing championship muscles, you reach a pain barrier. Only when you move through the pain barrier can you make the muscle grow. It's the three to five muscle flexes beyond the pain that force the muscle to increase in size. Many people would like to become world-class muscle builders but are unwilling to pay the price of moving through the pain barrier to achievement. Champions learn to ignore the pain to reach their goals." The same thing is true with reaching any dream goal. There are cost barriers for every achievement. Decide you are willing to pay that price, and you can reach the goal.
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