is board exams a pressure for students?

@arunna (32)
March 15, 2007 3:05am CST
Board exams have started and it has become a pressure for all students because of the tough competition that exists between the brother is who is writing his board exams sits all the night studying and by the time he finishes his portions....he is almost tired and its early morning and his nights become sleepless and sometimes end up almost sleeping in class..why does this happen?why is it so....much of pressure for students who are appearing for board exams..........
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• Philippines
15 Mar 07
We get pressured over a simple quiz in school. How much more a board exam? A board exam will test what we've learned in the years that we spent in college. Some people think that if you flunk it you didn't learn enough from the years you spent in school. Also, board exams will tell future employers whether we are worth hiring or not. I've never anyone as relaxed as a cricket prior to taking the board exams. Some even still get pressured before the results come out.