In love, women are more serious than men, is an orthodox belief!!!

March 15, 2007 9:54am CST
Pschologically speaking, women tend to fall in love with not only one but more than two men. Their attention is easily get caught or diverted to and by incoming suitor. But their love is not as deep as men. Because when men become deeply in love, their tendency is to give up evrything just to have and please the woman he truly loves. And when they become frustrated, Its either they commit suicide or just play play around. Any reaction to this?
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@dpk262006 (56760)
• Delhi, India
17 Mar 07
Whatever I have read or heard or observed in my life........I see you are narrating quite opposite to that. My belief is that woman are more serious in their affairs, whosoever they love they love with deep emotions and sentiments. On the contrary a man may just not be as serious as his partner or friend would be. Men are known to be wanderers, they keep on searching for other women. I find a woman is more sentimental than a man and she will not normally cheat his boy friend or partner on the other hand there is more likelihood of a man cheating his female partner.