Do you beleive that there is life on jupitor planet?

March 15, 2007 11:42am CST
Do you think that there is life on any planet other than earth? As scientists are trying and think that there can be life possible on other planets too. Do you think that it is possible?
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• India
15 Mar 07
yes there is a life on other planet than earth. scientists believe that there are other galaxies like milky way galaxy and there may be same planet as earth. even U.F.O.'s has been seen which concludes that there is life on other planet also. even the theory about the existence of parrallel universes has been made. scientist believe that there may be another universe parrellel to our universe.
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@smbilalshah (1316)
• Pakistan
15 Mar 07
no1 says that Jupiter might have life, although Jupiter's moon Europa and Saturn's Titan are suspected competetors, it is believed that there maybe life in the oceans covered by the very very thick ice layers, because there is believed to be methane there and we have life on earth which supports methane, besides life elsewhere doesnt even have to be oxygen reliant i mean who knows they breathe something else or maybe they even breathe at all, well ofcourse if there is anything alive out there. The universe is so big, although our earth is unique and planets like earth might be rare like one to every billion stars, but there are bilions of gallaxies out there with trillions of stars, who knows what lies beyond we see
@decimus785 (1419)
• Aruba
15 Mar 07
I think there's not only one planet that has life on it,but i think there's many more planets who has life on it. I think There are planets that scientist dont know about,because it's just way out of our reach and they didnt find a way to go further in space to see if there's other planets.
• India
15 Mar 07
i do not think so because there is no oxygen layer there. however cannot give any solid proof of it. have not been there.