is justice delayed really justice denied?

March 15, 2007 12:30pm CST
is delayed justice really turns out to be denied justice...sometimes yes but some time the answer is no too coz wid this maxim another one which follows closely is "justice hurried is justice burried" you may site numerous examples of delayed justice turning to denied justice.....but now the rate at which fast track courts are set up in india is very high but are they effecient?frm recent case the answer can be "NO" coz in priyadarsni matoo case fast track court gave the judgement very quickly but it was again reverted in the court...the case went on for 10 yrs....dis shows...tht judiciary shud strike a equal balance between the delivery of judgement and the time taken in its totally wrng on saying always tht "delayed justice is always denied justice" wats ur take on dis issue guys?
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• India
16 Mar 07
yes u r right..................delayed justice is really denied case of jaissica lal's case is true!