Some People Really Get Me HEATED!

@MsJessi (423)
United States
March 15, 2007 3:03pm CST
And that's not always easy to do! I am one who respects other's each his own man! Whatever! BUT I CAN'T STAND IT when people judge someone else based on different beliefs! What the &%*$! What gives you the right to judge me? Especially when you've never even met me. Try having a decent conversation with me before you start to pass judgement! I am not babtized with any religion...I do worship a specific what? Does that make me a sinner??? Are you kidding me? Does this mean I don't believe in God? NO it does not. I just don't necessarily believe in a BOOK! Or a BUILDING! Or a MAN who PREACHES! I'm sorry if this offends anyone...BUT (insert curse word)! I am so tired of people telling me what I SHOULD believe and HOW horrible I am for not doing it. My name is Jessi, and I am a 25 year old married mom to 5 kids! Which means, YOU DO NOT OWN ME! You do NOT have the right to tell ME what to do! No where in my life, did I ever sit down and sign a piece of paper saying that I will always do what others tell me to do! I just didn't! I NEVER get mad at anyone else for their beliefs! EVER. For example, I am totally against abortion, BUT, I do not criticize anyone who does! I've known people who have had I hate them, NO! They had their reasons! Me personally, would never do it. But I'm NOT THEM! When a Christian woman stops me on a street corner and wants to preach the word of God to me, do I flip her off, do I ignore her, do I curse her out? NO I DO NOT! I politely tell her that I already know God and excuse myself! Why? Cause that's just the kind of person I am. So if anyone has a problem with this...feel free to respond...thanks to someone else, I am already in the mood to debate, so BRING IT ON!
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@Rozie37 (15499)
• Turkmenistan
15 Mar 07
First of all, the thing that caught my attention the most is that you say, "Thanks to someone else, I am in the mood to debate." You can not blame anyone for your choices. If you are upset it is because you choose to be. No one is responsible for how you feel, but you. With five children, you will do well to commit this to memory. I felt attacked reading your post and your gripe is not even about me. Why do you allow yourself to get upset about what somebody else does or says? You can not control another persons actions, but you can help how you respond. Happiness is a choice. You can choose to let people get to you or you can let it wash away. Life is hard enough, you should not live it with a chip on your shoulder. If someone upset you, let it go and move on or else you are going to be misable and everyone around you will be misable from dealing with you.
@MsJessi (423)
• United States
15 Mar 07
Well, this was more of a way to vent, which I'm sorry, I felt I needed. This was not really an intention to pick a fight with was merely a statement of individuality. Yes, I agree with you that happiness is a choice, but on the other hand, never allowing yourself to get angry is not healthy either. Like you said, it's all in how you handle it. And the person that got me upset, did not receieve a nasty response from me...only a civilized arguement. Like I said, I wasn't trying to make anyone "miserable" I was only venting.
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