Similarity between Zion, Titanic and Real World

March 15, 2007 7:46pm CST
Titanic was a huge ship with thousands of people. Everyone believed it to be unsinkable. But it got hit by an iceberg and sank killing many people, only a few could survive by life boats. Zion was inhabited with lakhs of people. Everyone believed that the zion will not fall but the machines breached the dock and many lives were lost. Neo was given the option to save only 23 people, to rebuild zion. Had Neo chosed the right door, the whole zion would have been destroyed. Our Real world is also inhabited by billions of people. We all think that our world will never end, but any big Extinction Level Event like a Super Volcanic Eruption, Gamma Ray Burst, Asteroid Collision etc. etc. can end our world. Only few people will be saved in the cities like Zion, rest will all die. The Choice is ours, whether we live in illusion that the world will remain the same for ever, or face the reality and build zion like places for a better future !
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