Prophecy of the One

March 15, 2007 7:52pm CST
Prophecy of "THE ONE" When God (The Architect) said "Light", VOILA From the horizon, rose the sun, so warm, so bright. When God (The Architect) said " Water", the ocean oozed out, the clouds began to thunder. THE DAY(6th Day) ,sitting in the garden, He Brought Man(the one/Adam), " Should he live with his better half(Eve),and prosper as much he can". " With Knowledge and your Creations(Machines), you may thrust," "But there should be Peace(Om Shanti om), and so, Suffering(pain) is a must". As time Evolve, THE Prophecy Enlightened the one(man), Everything(Sun, Ocean,Earth etc.) had a purpose(KARMA), Except the one. ……………….. You can look for Neo(the one), in search for purpose in The Matrix, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions……………. Then came the one, and made THE Prophecy true, The Machines(Man’s creation) should serve the man, And the Man should serve YOU.(The all Mighty, THE ONLY ONE) The Prophecy(Katha):- Everything has a purpose for its Existence, including Humans, including Human creations for that matter. You may know, you may not know ,why are you ,where you feel you are?, but it all has a purpose. And Nobody knows the Purpose of God, May be, that’s why, He is the THE ONE.
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• Vietnam
24 May 08
NEO --- ONE --- The One Neo and Smidth is ONE. They are two face of a coin.
• Romania
16 Mar 07
If you want you can compare Neo with the god of the Matrix, and Smith with the devil. And then the whole movie turns into the battle between good and evil. And I don't think that is far from what the Wachowski brothers intended.