Trouble sleeping after myLot?

March 16, 2007 1:22am CST
Hey all. I have only been using myLot for a week or two, but I have found that when I use myLot at night, I have trouble sleeping afterwards. I think it's because the discussions gets my mind working and I have a hard time slowing down my thoughts and relaxing when I finally try to go to sleep. However, I have the most time to spend on myLot at night and I do enjoy it, but then I am soooo sleepy when it comes time to get up for work in the morning. Does anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions for getting to sleep (besides avoiding myLot)?
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@2wicelot (2945)
21 Jun 07
Yes I agree with you. Some of the discussions here are very intriguing and they get you thinking. Some bring up very important topics that you never ever imagined would be brought up and they really make you want to think about them. May be you should avoid using mylot at night, LOL. Just kidding. But I am sure with time you will get used to it.