should mind rule our body or should body rule our mind?or either way

@arunna (32)
March 16, 2007 1:53am CST
usually our mind says one things and we do it because our mind is ruling our body.......example..we do exercise to keep our body fit..our mind tells us to keep ourself fit...and do u say it?does mind rule the body or does the body rule the mind?
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@coolsree (509)
• India
16 Mar 07
I think it dipends on the time.If you are sick and you are not even able to take a step for ward then dont take the advice of your mind. As your body advice. When your mind is n dippression and cant take any good decsision don't take advice from body and mind take it from friends & relatives. When your mind feels causios to atend a party and body wants tot enjoy go for the party take advice of ur body enjoy....