My one year old son always plays our dog is this ok?

@magiee (63)
March 16, 2007 2:35am CST
My one year old son always play to our dog. I'm scared if he will get asthma from our dog. I can't refuse him to play with our dog. What will i do?
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@jolanda33 (720)
• Netherlands
16 Mar 07
yes it is oke!, you cannot get asthma from animals! only an allergy can rise! i had an allergy of animals when i became around six years old. but when i grow up it passed and now i have three cats! but be carefull with the dog! always watch them when they play, even if it is the best dog of the whole world! a dog can always bite, even you trust him with your life!
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@DJ9020 (1596)
• United States
16 Mar 07
Children don't get asthma from dogs, that is something they are born with (I have asthma, and so do both of my children!) If your child does have asthma or suffer from allergies, some things you can do are to keep your dog clean, brush him when he comes in from the yard and bathe him about every two weeks. Oddly enough, my oldest child, who was the sickest with asthma and had allergies to everything, was not allergic to dogs. I would not worry about it, I think having pets is very important for children.
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@chardyme (1633)
• Philippines
16 Mar 07
i think it's ok that your one year old son is playing with your dog. anyway, is your dog a good dog? if not, it's not safe but if it is a good dog then its good for your son at least he has someone to accompany him and as the old saying "dog is man's best friend" so as they grew older together they form a bonding to one another. and they can be best friend.
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