does your bed squeak ??

does ur bed squeak??? - i love squeky bedz lol.....
March 16, 2007 3:06am CST
I RECENTLY VISISTED this frendd of mine at his place..... but wen i sat down on his bed to do some work....i heard a very weird sound!! i first thought maybe its some empty beer cans that i can always find under his bed.....but wen i search below i found nothing!!! but then again that sound cam wen i sat nxt...thats wen i realised his bed squeaks!!!!!!haahaahah......its that funny creeky sound ur bed makes wen u sit on!! it was soo funny...n the best part was that he hadnt realised it yet!! gosh these men sometyms i tell u....!!! ;) then instead of studyin we started jumpin on his bed n making weird sounds ourselfs lol (immature me?? naaa!! ^_^ ) does ur bed squeak???
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@urbandekay (18308)
24 Mar 07
Yes, and it can be quite embarrassing but I'm to much of a lazy-ar*e to fix it all the best urban
19 Mar 07
looolll nooo!!! ma bed doesnt sqeak!!! i wud never be able to sleep in a squeaky bed!!wahahha com u like squeaky bedz....n whoz bed wer u in??? lolz ;)
@freesoul (3023)
• Egypt
18 Mar 07
Now what were you two really doing on that bed ?? lol My bed can make some sounds but only when treated roughly :))
@SKLC_PT (1234)
16 Mar 07
Lol, mine sometimes makes a creaking sound but not a squeaking sound. Sometimes if I move it will bump against the wall or make a small sound as it moves. But it's all wood no springs no no squeaking at all. I wonder what the neighbors must have thought with all the bed squeaking you guys were making lol
@honeyangel (1992)
16 Mar 07
yes big time, im saving up for a new one as mines about 5-6 years old now