Play-A-Day: Google

March 16, 2007 3:08am CST
Scene: The Wild Web Celebration as Google Buys Deja And now, Deja, you are absorbed. Good, I love being called google. Can I be googleplex? No, that is being saved for when we google ourselves. Doesn't anyone want me? Me too? If you just read me, you'd already know the answer to that. Hey, I'm an URL, how about me? Google? We don't buy no lousy stinking How about us? We don't need no lousy stinkin' Hey, wait a minute, that's my line. www.treasureofthesierramadre:com: Not so fast, bucco, that is MY line, and if you don't watch out I'll let that scorpion sting you after all. Who took the cherries? Quit that. All you other URLs can go home. We're not buying anybody else. Today, I mean. Although we do have our eyes on some other sites, most exclusively... Me! Me! Me! Pick me! And by the way, fix your damn search so that when people search for "play-a-day" they don't get play any day or play one day or play day. People want me! They love me! And most importantly, my fabulous boolean logic! Spock: That is illogical.
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