Guys, Stuck in TRAFFIC & u see a CUTE Girl is driving,DO u let her Overtake you?

@Abbyey (760)
March 16, 2007 4:12am CST
Guys when you are driving and suddenly you got stuck in traffic then you see a Cute Girl driving also beside you, will you let her overtake you? Girls, when you know you are cute and you are stuck in traffic, you see that the car beside you is driven by a GUY, do you use your CHARMS and Dashing SMILE so that they will let you pass/overtake them? Usually i observe when I smile often, guys let me pass. I'm not being bad rather i find it NICE and SWEET when the guys let me pass/overtake... for me its simple "A guy being a gentlemen on the road"... Whats your answer? thanks :P
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@wildhorse (1293)
• Egypt
16 Mar 07
LOL, aren't we man real fools or what :)) yes I would, it's polite and nice thing to do and unforunatley i get weak when i see a cute smile lol