Love on the Internet . . .

@colega17 (312)
March 16, 2007 4:30am CST
Do you think someone could find his / her soul mate here on the Internet ? I'm not so sure . . . I think true love can be found only in real life . . . It's hard to fall in love with someone only on the Internet . . .
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• United States
16 Mar 07
in 1998 my son was playing around and asked for June 18th. A gal wrote back and said I was born on that date. he was in Fl. and she was in Ca. 6 months later they met up in Las Vegas and fell in love. Now it is a while later and they are mrried and have 2 year old twin boys!
@colega17 (312)
• Romania
17 Mar 07
That's so cool . . . Your son's story is great . . . So love on the Internet really exists :)
@didi13 (2922)
• Romania
21 Oct 11
It may be easier to fall into a love spell virtual building, because it allowed us to throw us in love without inhibitions, without loss, without complex. No we do not hinder the internet age, no weight, no wrinkles, no get out of multisite fashion wardrobe. When we throw in the virtual water swimmers are all young, beautiful, brave, good only to fall in love with our fresh souls, without scarring. And I think also it's easier and more durable us fall in love with someone who has as much in common with us. A friend or a colleague. For someone who knows the same things with us and who lived through the same places. A neighbor's house, culture or dream. For someone who can understand the sorrows, fears, hesitations, joys. I could fall in love with my husband again and again, if I meet again under foreign names and faces. And maybe I could fall in love again by all men who in the past, I love, before I had known him most of whose arms are my haven and refuge today.