What position do you sleep in?

March 16, 2007 6:28am CST
I sleep almost in the recovery position with some minor alteratinos. Once Im asleep Ive no idea what I do. How about you?
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@Woodpigeon (3710)
• Ireland
18 May 07
My back tends to freak out if I don't do exactly what it says. If it is a happy back, then I ge to sleep on my abck with my head cocked to the side. If it is an unhappy back then I have to sleepp on my side with my knees bent. It gets old, being a slave to aches and pains, but thta's what I get for living in this damp climate!
23 May 07
I hope your back is a happy back most of the time :)
@brokentia (10394)
• United States
12 Apr 07
I mostly sleep on my right side. But I also sleep with my leg propped over a body pillow. If I do not have that body pillow, there is no guarantee that I am going to get any sleep!!! LOL I have been pregnant seven times...so that was a position I adopted while I was pregnant...and it just sorta stuck. Now, I am so used to it, it is the only way I can sleep.
18 Apr 07
I've heard of these body pillows but I've never seen one! I knwo what you mean though, I find it hard to sleep when my significant other isn't there to cuddle!
• United States
7 Apr 07
I sleep on my left side. I get rather annoyed if I shift to my right side or my back as I am not as comfortable. Don't ask me why.
12 Apr 07
Actually, on reflection, I usually have to lie on either side then my back then go back to the first side again.
@wenkinnoc (483)
23 May 07
I cannot sleep on my back, I find it too uncomfortable, so I sleep on my right side.