March 16, 2007 10:36am CST
My best friend have gone to his bf's home ,ennn this just her second time to go to his home .And because her bf's mother is climacteric and her emotion is usually bad , and yester day just because the boy's little error so the mother began to abuse his son and then towards to my friend .The words she said is so poisonous she said she don't like my friens and let her to go back her own home and so on ,last my friend was crying . En i think the love between my friend and his bf is so hard just for the realitionship in the family especially the relationship between the mother-in-law ,that is a sad thing for the sweet love .
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• Malaysia
23 Mar 07
You should also remind your fren that in world not everyone treats you well and nicely. Like the saying goes, Roses are accompanied by thorns. She should learn to be strong and have more friends to know that in the unfair world we can still have good frens.
• China
9 May 07
Hello funundersun ,haven't see you for so long time , How are you ? And i have went to school for a month ,i came home just yesterday evening . There are so many things in school for i'll gratuate this year about in june .