Pharmacist from foreign countries, anyone?

March 16, 2007 11:52am CST
Hi! Im a newly licensed pharmacist here in the Philippines, I wanted to work in the US but the thing is our curriculum is not the same with that of in the US. I wanted to know if anybody knows anything about this? I would very much appreciate. Thanks in advance. Godbless.
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@gerald_lian (2188)
• Australia
7 Nov 07
I'm not a pharmacist yet, but I'm a soon-to-be pharmacist! =) Currently studying in 3rd year pharmacy at the University of South Australia. I don't really know much about the curriculum in US and Philippines, so I can't really help you out there....sorry....
• China
4 Oct 07
Hi notinal! I am also a licensed pharmacist but I graduated earlier than you. I am currently working in China as a consultant but on a different field of pharmacy (industrial). Nowadays, US works are usually the main target of the filipino professionals but as the changes occurred during the past years, our curriculum was decided not to be recognized in the US. However, there are a lot of choices. As a licensed pharmacist already, you can initially take the pharmacy technician exam in the US. After the exam you can work as a p.a. but if you really want a pharmacist's job you must obtain a separate degree of pharmacy in the US. Expense is quite high so I suggest you plan it first. I myself is considering to go there but until now my plan is not yet clear. You can also inquire on other areas such as Australia, New Zealand or Canada.
@joshboz (1209)
• Australia
9 Aug 07
i myself is a registered pharmacist, just passed the board exam here in philippines too. i am just new to my lot thats why it is just recently that i found your inquiry. well, its true the course outline of the subjects differs from us. a good example is pharmaceutical care and advanced pharmacy technician subject. one thing more U.S only accomodates 5 year graduate pharmacist like u.p who has bs industrial pharm. likewise only graduates of 2003 and below are qualified to take the board exam. when you become successful somehow,someday. pls mid to reply here in my lot coz i myself is preparing for abroad but ithink australia is a better place to start. gudluck and godbless!
@emjay101 (42)
• Philippines
7 Sep 07
hi there! i am a licensed pharmacist too here in the philippines and now working in a hospital for almost 2 yrs. the idea of us not being qualified to take the FPGEE really pisses me (lol!). but there are some opportunities in canada and australia. the salary is lower than that from US but still big enough compared to the salary here in the phils. i am planning to take exams on either of these countries. if i get there, i'll let you know ;b..