Problems with my daughter abandoning her son.

United States
October 17, 2006 5:46am CST
Hi, my name is Shel and I'm a 45 year old grandmother raising my 7 year old grandson and have been doing so for 6 years. My daughter (the mother) is now 22 and we've had nothing but problems with her since she was 12. She was into drugs, stole from us, lies about everything and everybody and just not a good human being at all. My problem is she just moved out of state without even saying bye to her son. She hardly ever saw him anyway and when she did she was abusive verbally. He's much better with us and I wouldn't have it any other way buy I'm worried about what this will do to him even though he calls me mommy and he's very aware of the whole situation and knows what type of person his mom is. He never ask for her or talks about her. We are his family and always have been. But her leaving without saying one word might affect him in a bad way. How should I handle this because we haven't told him yet. She's been gone for 2 days. Advise to give the little one who has been hurt by her so many times already. I can't bear to break his heart. She's not worth getting upset over but yet I'm not the child.
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23 Feb 10
Well you haven't been on myLot in a long time. I sure hope the situation has improved. Poor little guy...