Do you think men went to the Moon?

March 16, 2007 5:35pm CST
Do you think men went to the Moon in 1969, or perhaps it was just fiction, as many people think? What is your idea?
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@Fargale (760)
• Brazil
19 Mar 07
The landing was real. The conspiracy theories are unfounded. I'll gladly debate this more specifically if you wish to bring up some of the arguments that you think prove the moon landing was a fake.
@pitstop (9768)
• India
17 Mar 07
While its good to have a conspiracy angle to some stories, its better to just face the truth and realise that man indeed went to the moon that year.
@ninjin (51)
• Malaysia
17 Mar 07
yes i belive it..
@Asylum (48053)
• Manchester, England
16 Mar 07
I have seen quite a few articles and theories on this subject, and I will admit that a fair amount of evidence has been offered to support the argument. Nevertheless, I cannot seriously believe that the whole thing was an elaborate hoax. There must have been thousands of people involved in the project, so it would have been impossible to keep secret.
@maria_k (925)
• United States
16 Mar 07
Of course men went to the moon in 1969