Which is correct....?

@rita88 (33)
March 16, 2007 8:39pm CST
Here is a sentence... Read it correctly... "MAN WITHOUT HER MAN IS NOTHING." This can be said in two ways.. girls said this sentence as.. "MAN WITHOUT HER, MAN IS NOTHING." Boys said this sentence as.. "MAN,WITHOUT HER MAN IS NOTHING." which sentence is correct...???? choose the correct sentence.. Tell the reason why the sentence you choose is right???
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• India
17 Mar 07
you got it totally wrong gal!!! the sentence should be "WOMAN WITHOUT HER MAN IS NOTHING" girls would say it as "WOMAN,WITHOUT HER MAN IS NOTHING" boys would say it as "WOMAN WITHOUT HER MAN,IS NOTHING" its just a matter of a comma!!! both sentences are correct!!!! i prefer the 1st!!