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@rnc505 (73)
United States
March 16, 2007 8:47pm CST
Hey I was thinking of coming up with my own website. An ecommerce, risk-taking website. THat risk is not getting any visitors. What I think is really stupid is that there are sites out there that make you pay for them to click on your websites a few times, an idiot can do that! So I was searching and I came across a website call TrafficG. You sign up for this website and add your website to the submission list. Then you get credits. Each credit counts a an extra view to your website. To earn credits you can do 2 things: 1) you can do this thing on the website called supersurf in which you watch other peoples websites for 30 seconds and then you click a button each time you watch and click for 30 secs you get a credit. So if your bored, You can get over 50 credits + or way #2) pay for 'em. Lol. It's really cool so check it out: http://trafficg.com/hps.php?member=rnc505
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