is it good to eat a sweet dish after meal?

March 17, 2007 1:50am CST
I love eating food .We always go for dinner in a resturant. After dinner my friends always order a sweet dish. I don't eat that one. But they always tell me that sweet dish after a diiner is good . But i don't think so. That may be coz i don't like sweets much . What do u think?????
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@zsseven (62)
• China
17 Mar 07
i love eating food too,i don't think eating sweet dish after diiner is good,when having diiner ,you already get what your body needs,and maybe full enough.having the extra food can couse fat easily especialy sweet dish.
17 Mar 07
It is traditional to end every meal with a sweet dish and was indicative of the prosperity of a person.Especally so in the days of yore when food was not as abundant as it is today.It is upto you though whether you want to eat the sweet or not.I love sweets so I can have it anytime,though not in large quantities.Many cultures around the world have this dessert after the meal thing.
• United States
17 Mar 07
you ask "is it good" health wise i dont think eating a dessert holds any benefits. its merely a tradition and matter of choice. i desserts, but i dont like eating dessert right after dinner. i have gotten a dessert to go from a restaurant but almost never eaten one immediatly following dinner. too full, i have to wait at least 3 hours before i even start to think about something sweet. if you are not a sweet lover, then dont worry about dessert. its not a big deal, and if your friends are making it a big deal then...well then you have weird friends!! lol