Using dog as bait to kill American Soldiers in Iraq

March 17, 2007 2:22am CST
Just wanna share this real story about the Islamic Extremists in Iraq using dog to kill the American Soldiers. I heard from the news is that one day a vehicle driven by American Soldiers stopped by the side of the road and saw a pitiful dog lying down at the side of the road. While they were still staring at the dog, suddenly the dog exploded right in front of their eyes and kill all the American Soldiers right on the spot. I am sad when I saw this news. I am even more sad when I imagine the poor dog must have suffered a lot under the Islamic extremists hands before it was used as a bait to kill the soldiers. The poor dog must have been forced fed or forced down their throat with food and explosive, as if the bomb is attached outside the dog body, it will become very obvious to the American soldiers and passerby. Hope the soldiers and the dog will go to heaven.
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