love or lust? how to tell the difference?

March 17, 2007 2:45am CST
ok you know you like him. you really, really like him. but yor raging hormones have left your head (and your heart) spinning. is it love at first sight or just a temporary overload of a pituitary gland?deciding whether your feeling's a product of cupid's arrow or your garden variety crush isn't always as easy as you might think (especially since some of the same hormones that trigger lust is involved in falling in love). And when you're caught in the throws of one of those L-words it can help to ask yourself a few key questions when deciding which, falling in love is love or lust? when will it be called love? and when will it be called lust?
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• Canada
17 Mar 07
To know what REAL Love is you only need to read the 13 Chapter of 1st Corinthians. It doesn't matter what religion you follow, this is LOVE defined perfectly. Very easy to understand much harder to live out.