I want to find my old doll...

@SilPhil (267)
March 17, 2007 3:20am CST
When my sister and I were little we had this doll we named Amy. She had a plastic face, hands and feet, but a cloth body. She wore a hand made crochet dress with pants. We always kept it for if either of us ever had a little girl. Back in 2003 I loaned the doll to some uni friends for a project. They were studying in Perth, but were from Norway. They used the doll, but I never got it back. I know they went back to live in Norway. Of course, because they graduated their uni email accounts were closed, and I onyl had their Australian phone numbers. I tried everything to find the doll. I tried op shops in the area where they lived, tried to track them down through their friends, everything I could think of, but still no doll. Now I have my little girl I really want to find this doll. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could do? I'm hoping more than anything they took the doll back to Norway with them, although I think it is unlikely. Please help!
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@classy56 (2882)
• United States
17 Mar 07
that is so sweet that you miss you doll an want to find one just like it to give to your daughter.i know how you feel.i had one speacial dool when i was growing up an i wish i still had it.have you try looking on ebay.try doing a people search on the internet.maybe you can find the ones that has your doll.i hope you get it back so your daughter can enjoy it also.
@SilPhil (267)
• Australia
18 Mar 07
I've tried ebay and can't find anything similar. Do you know of a good way to do a people search on the internet? I've tried searching the names on any search engine I can find, but still no luck.