India's Cricket Obsession

March 17, 2007 3:33am CST
India is a cricket obsessed country. Presently World Cup fever is running high. It is as if India is definitely going to win the World Cup. The TV Channels are encashing this fever and they are adding more fuels to it in the form of dicsussions , comments and showing the songs composed by the people for the world cup and so on. It is really silly. I dread to think that if this dream of Indian people is broken - what will happen. If by any chance India looses at any stage then the cricketers will be at the receiving end and not only they their family members residing in India will be also facing the wrath. On the contrary if they win then the Indians will carry them on their heads. It is really a crazy scene here. So better we pray to God that this team wins and if at all loose then they should put up a good fight before loosing. And in no case they should loose to teams like Bangladesh or Bermuda otherwise know what I mean.. Guys what u say on this..
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